Steveston Harbour (Joel Baziuk) – 12

2 thoughts on “Steveston Harbour (Joel Baziuk) – 12

  1. Hi there!

    I read on the CBC that you guys are planning to print more warning signs in different languages for the Steveston sea lion. Why not use pictures or pictograms?

    We all know people don’t read warnings and pictures speak a thousand words!

    Good luck,

    1. Hi Jessica,

      We are indeed working on putting more signs down on the public sales float to deter people from feeding the sea lions and other wildlife. We agree that putting signs in various languages is likely not the best way to go, as we have visitors from numerous different linguistic backgrounds from all over the world – it would be impractical to try to cover them all. As a result, we are currently designing updated signage which includes an easy to interpret infographic which should make it easy to understand for people from all linguistic backgrounds.

      Thanks for the comment!

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