Lost Fishing Gear Best Practice Framework

The Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) has recently completed its Best Practice Framework for mitigating lost fishing gear globally. The framework covers all aspects of the seafood chain from gear manufacturers, to fishers, to government regulators, to the seafood supply chain, so it’s a very extensive document. The Global Ghost Gear Initiative would very much appreciate feedback from all sources, so if you have an interest in providing feedback on this extremely important issue, please go this page on the Global Ghost Gear Initiative web site.

The GGGI will also be having a side event to promote the Best Practice Framework and answer any related questions. This event will be held at the SeaWeb Summit in Seattle on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 from 12:00 – 13:15. Click here for more information.

Ensia.com Article

Steveston Harbour Authority was featured yesterday in an article by Ensia.com – “an independent, nonprofit magazine presenting new perspectives on environmental challenges and solutions to a global audience.”

The article was centred on the issue of lost fishing gear, and Steveston Harbour Authority’s net recycling program was featured as one part of the solution to the problem.

You can see the full article on Ensia’s website by clicking here.

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Richmond News Article (Sales Float)

The Richmond News recently featured Steveston Harbour Authority and the installation of the new public sales float complex on the front page! The link to the article can be found here.

The new sales float facility should be open to the public in mid-April, 2017. It will be a world class facility, so we encourage fishers to take advantage of it and for the public to come down and purchase some of the freshest seafood available!


2017 Herring Fishery

The 2017 herring / roe fishery is in full swing and going strong! Pacific herring, particularly in the Strait of Georgia, are in great shape and are among the healthiest herring stocks on the coast. Here are some photos and video of herring being unloaded at the Steveston Seafood Auction.

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Steveston Community Mural Complete

18 Months after the initial concept of creating a mural on Steveston Harbour Authority’s public washroom building on 3rd Ave & Bayview, the project is finally complete, and it was definitely worth the wait!

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Steveston Historical Society, Richmond Arts Coalition and Steveston Harbour Authority collaborated to have mural artist Victoria Oginski, who created the first portion of the mural in 2015, to complete the installation, adding 7 new panel murals that wrap around the entire exterior of the building. The murals visually tell the story of Steveston’s fishing past and present in a vibrant display that encourages people to explore the artwork and get engaged with Steveston’s rich history.

This celebration of fishing, the industry that built Steveston and continues to drive it today, is a fitting reminder of the importance of this area to so many different people and cultures.

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No. 1 Road Dredging


After 20 long years, thanks to a joint funding commitment from the BC government, the City of Richmond and Steveston Harbour Authority, the sediment hump at the foot of No. 1 Road – which lies in a jurisdictional “no man’s land” and has been restricting tidal access to fishing vessels attempting to access No. 1 Road Pier for many years – is being dredged.

Many thanks to MLA John Yap and Mayor Malcolm Brodie for your support of our vibrant and active commercial fishing industry!

Rate Changes

Please be advised that the Steveston Harbour Authority Board of Directors has changed the rates for several services effective January 1, 2017. Rates affected include:

  • Berthage (non-CFV)
  • Shore power (monthly / annual)
  • Lockers
  • Repair yard (both CFV and non-CFV)
  • Ice (non-CFV / ton, all totes)
  • Independent contractor license
  • Boat ramp (launch and lift only)

For a complete list of our rates with these new adjustments shown, click here.


BC Young Fishers Gathering


Do you value growth and viability in the commercial fishing sector? The T Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation is planning a workshop for young fishers and new entrants to BC’s fishing industry to help foster leadership and skills in the next generation of fishers. The British Columbia Young Fishermen’s Gathering will take place in Victoria from January 24-25th, 2016. This workshop will provide a supportive environment to foster learning, networking and growth in the next generation in BC’s fishing fleets. 

The two day workshop will cover the business of fishing (bookkeeping, financing, taxes, lenders, insurance, etc), the science and management of BC’s fisheries, fishing policy and politics, the history of fishing in BC, marine safety, value chain and alternative marketing strategies. The BC Young Fishermen’s Gathering will be a great way to connect young fishers with a wide variety of individuals working across the industry.

The fishing industry is a core part of British Columbia’s culture, and we want to see it continue and thrive into the future. If you’d like to be a part of the event, whether as a participant, speaker, supporter, or mentor, please contact Allison Stocks at allison@bucksuzuki.org or 604-695-2045, or visit the website at http://bcyfg2016.wixsite.com/bcyfg.

Steveston Harbour Awarded Business Leadership Award

Steveston Harbour Authority was honoured with the 2016 Richmond Chamber of Commerce Business Leadership Award on November 30, 2016.

Steveston Harbour Authority was bestowed with this prestigious award in recognition of several initiatives, including:

  • development of industry leading policies and procedures that have spread through the Harbour Authority Association of British Columbia to become standard models for most of the 54 harbours along the B.C. coast;
  • extensive community involvement including developing close working relationship with local law enforcement and emergency response agencies, supporting local charities and festivals, and hosting the annual Fishermen Helping Kids with Cancer Herring Sale;
  • pioneering a fishing net recycling program that has helped change attitudes in the treatment of old and disused nets, transforming them from an environmental problem to a recyclable solution.

Click here to read more on the Richmond News Website.

2016 Herring Sale a Huge Success

The 2016 Fishermen Helping Kids with Cancer Herring Sale was another huge success this year! Despite the cold weather, the herring was sold out again this year and the event managed to raise approximately $100,000 – 100% of which will be donated to the BC Children’s Hospital to help kids fighting cancer.

The event grows each year and we wish to recognize the fishers who donate their time, fuel and catch to make this event possible, as well as the multitude of volunteers who ensure the event runs smoothly and efficiently. Without all of these wonderful people, many more children would be suffering needlessly from their afflictions. Together, we can find a cure!