There has been a wild sea lion frequenting the public sales float lately, and it has come to our attention that some people have been feeding the animal and otherwise encouraging it to remain in the area. While we appreciate that seeing wildlife can be exciting, we stress that feeding wildlife is both illegal and dangerous!

Recently, a little girl was pulled into the water while sitting on the bull rail on the public sales float, after her parents had been trying to get the animal’s attention as seen in this video, which has since gone viral. Thankfully, it appears that nobody was hurt during the incident. However, we wish to reiterate that Steveston Harbour Authority does NOT condone the feeding of any wildlife within the harbour. In addition to it being potentially dangerous, as seen in the video above, it is also in contravention of Section 7 of the Federal Fisheries Act and Marine Mammal Regulations which states “No person shall disturb a marine mammal except when fishing for marine mammals under the authority of these Regulations”.

Also, keep in mind that feeding wildlife can also be extremely detrimental to the animals themselves, as they may learn to associate humans with an easy source of food, which can lead to them not being able to successfully secure food in the wild.

For the sake of your own safety and for the safety of the animals themselves, do not feed the wildlife!

Today on Fisherman’s wharf
(as of APRIL 6, 2020)

No vessels currently selling. 

The above information is collected daily, but not all vendors provide their catch information to us, so some vessels may be marked down but have no specific product listed. Also, although the fisherman’s wharf is technically open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, vessels and vendors come and go as they please and keep their own business hours, so Steveston Harbour Authority cannot guarantee that the vessels listed above will be there upon your arrival, nor that they will be open for business when you arrive. That said, the best days of the week are Friday afternoon, and during regular business hours on Saturday and Sunday, as this is generally when the greatest number of vendors are open.

So, what can you expect to find on the fisherman’s wharf? Each species is available at different times of the year, although this will depend on whether the product is sold fresh, frozen or live (typical with crab, urchins and some species of sole). Frozen varieties of most species can be found on the wharf at any time during the year, but this varies depending on each vessel’s schedule and we can’t predict this. Be sure to check this page out frequently to see which products are available and check out our “What’s In Season?” page to see what’s generally available year round.


Fishers are not allowed to sell processed (i.e. steaked, smoked, vacuum sealed, etc.) product on the wharf, nor are they allowed to sell bivalve mollusks of any kind (oysters, clams, mussels, etc.). Vendors are also not allowed to cut fish while on the float due to strict Provincial regulations regarding fish processing. They may sell product that has been gutted and headed prior to their arrival on the float, but that is all. If you see any vendor selling processed product or cutting / gutting fish while on the wharf, please call Steveston Harbour Authority at 604-272-5539.

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