Steveston Harbour Authority Rates as of June 1, 2018


Active Licensed Commercial Fishing Vessels
$0.36 / metre / day.

Monthly Rates (valid only if paid in advance):
1-5 months in advance: 18% discount over daily rate.
6-11 months in advance: 30% discount over daily rate.
12 months in advance: 45% discount over daily rate.

Pleasure Craft
$3.60 / metre / day.

Monthly Rates (valid only if paid in advance):
1 month in advance: $33.13 / metre / month.
2-5 months in advance: $30.48 / metre / month.
6+ months in advance: $26.50 / metre / month.

Shore Power

Shore Power is not included in moorage fees. Power charges are listed below and are levied per cord, not per vessel.

1) Regular Shore Power (20 and 30 amp, depending on area)

Daily: $4.47 / calendar day.
Monthly: $74.55 / calendar month.
Annually: $556.50 / year.

2) Welding Power

Use of any welding plug, apart from those on the welding float itself, is charged at $10.00 / calendar day.

Use of the welding float has its own separate charge of $20.00 / calendar day for commercial fishing vessels and $25.00 / calendar day for pleasure craft (moorage is NOT included in this rate).

3) Metered Power

Metered Power is charged by the amount of kilowatt-hours (kWh) used and is charged at rates determined by BC Hydro.

Gear Storage Lockers

Lockers for gear storage are offered to active commercial fishers only at a rate of $26.62 / square metre / year, payable annually in advance. Rates for individual lockers will vary with size as per the above formula. Currently, there is a waiting list for lockers and gear storage. If you wish to have your name added to the list, please email info@stevestonharbour.com or call the SHA main office at 604-272-5539.

Outside Storage

Outside storage for commercial fishing equipment such as seine nets, crab traps, etc. is available in limited quantities in several areas, some in fenced compounds and some in designated areas around the yard at the Paramount site. The rate for outside storage is $10.25 / square metre / year. Currently, there is a waiting list for outside storage; if you wish to have your name added to the list, please email info@stevestonharbour.com or call the SHA main office at 604-272-5539.

Skiff Storage

Steveston Harbour Authority has a small designated skiff storage area at the Paramount site that fills up quickly every year, so outside storage for dead skiffs and power skiffs is only available on a first come, first served basis. Skiffs under 20 feet long are charged $300.00 / year. Skiffs longer than 20 feet are charged at the regular moorage rate listed at the top of this page.

Vessel Land Storage

Vessel land storage rates are identical to moorage rates, based on vessel length. Our main vessel dry land storage area is restricted to licensed commercial fishing vessels only, with admission granted on a first come, first served basis. Our land storage area at Richmond Camp is open to both commercial fishing vessels and pleasure craft, with priority given to commercial fishing vessels. To inquire about storage at Richmond Camp, please email info@stevestonharbour.com or call the SHA main office at 604-272-5539.

Vessel Repair Area

Repair yard rates have changed as of January 1, 2017. Rates are now based on vessel length. To view the rates chart in PDF format, click here. (All rates are subject to 5% GST and a 1% Sediment Management Fee)

*Note* – the travel lift is operated by Strait Marine (604-277-1414). SHA has no control over lift pricing or timing.

Net Repairs

Outside net repairs: $55.00 / calendar day.

Inside seine repair lane: $105.00 / calendar day.

The inside seine lane is available by reservation only. To reserve the seine lane, please email info@stevestonharbour.com or call the SHA main office at 604-272-5539.

Paramount Concrete Loading Float

The Paramount concrete loading float is free of charge for fishers who are actively loading / unloading gear. However, in the interest of keeping the float clear for loading and unloading purposes, no vessel is allowed to stay overnight on the south or west sides of the float under any circumstances unless authorized previously by Steveston Harbour Authority. If overnight stays are required for major loading / unloading operations or other legitimate reasons as determined by Steveston Harbour Authority, permission may be granted to moor on the east side of the float for these purposes at a rate of $20.00 / day in addition to regular moorage fees. However, this is only possible if authorized by Steveston Harbour Authority.

If any vessel ties to the loading float overnight under any circumstances without prior approval from Steveston Harbour Authority, that vessel will be subject to a penalty of $100.00 / day until the vessel leaves the float. 

Boat Ramp

Our boat ramp is located in the fenced compound at the south foot of No. 2 Road (called Richmond Camp). The fee for launching a vessel at the boat ramp is $15.00 / calendar day (taxes included).

Boat ramp tickets can be purchased onsite using the Diamond Parking kiosk.  Methods of payment are; credit card and pay by phone.  The lot number is 1709.

You can also purchase an annual boat ramp pass for $600 (tax included). Passes are issued for one year from date of purchase.

*NOTE* – the gates to Richmond Camp and the boat ramp area are closed at approximately 10:00 PM every night. If you find the gates locked when you pull your vessel up the ramp, please call our on-duty operations staff at 778-228-9259 to be let out.

Emergency and Miscellaneous Services

*NOTE* – the items listed here are charged at their hourly rate or portion thereof. All services are pending the availability of SHA staff and equipment and are not guaranteed to be available at any given time.

1) Vessel Pump Out: $75.00 / hour.

2) Vessel Relocation: $100.00 / hour (includes power skiff and 2 SHA personnel).

3) Site Cleanup: $75.00 / hour.

4) Damage Repair: $75.00 / hour (plus material costs).

5) Bilge Pump Out: $100.00 / hour (includes disposal costs).

6) Boom Lift & Operator: $100.00 / hour.

7) Bull Moose Forklift: $140.00 / hour or $75.00 / half hour.

8) Forklift Service: $55.00 / hour; $30.00 / half hour; $10.00 / quick move.

Access Cards

One access card for the electronic gates will be issued to each harbour user at no charge, though a $10.00 cash deposit is required for each card (it will be returned to the user when the access card is returned to SHA). Lost of stolen cards will be replaced for a $10.00 non-refundable fee.

Independent Contractor License

All commercial businesses doing work on Steveston Harbour Property must have a valid Independent Contractor License. An Independent Contractor License can be purchased for a fee of $315.00 / calendar year from the SHA main office Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:30 excluding statutory holidays.

Ice Rates

Commercial fishers: $80.00 / ton.

Non-commercial fishers: $105.00 / ton.


Half tote: $20.00 (CFV)  |  $28.00 (NON-CFV)
Small tote: $30.00 (CFV)  |  $39.00 (NON-CFV)
Regular tote: $35.00 (CFV)  |  $45.00 (NON-CFV)
Large tote: $40.00 (CFV)  |  $50.00 (NON-CFV)
XL tote: $40.00 (CFV)  |  $50.00 (NON-CFV)
XXL tote: $45.00 (CFV)  |  $55.00 (NON-CFV)
XXL tote: $50.00 (CFV)  |  $60.00 (NON-CFV)