Community Engagement

Steveston Harbour is an integral part of the community of Steveston and the City of Richmond as a whole. Steveston Harbour Authority has always been a supporter of local festivals through occasional donations and numerous in-kind services.

In addition to being a founding member of the Constable Jimmy Ng Memorial Road Hockey Tournament, which ran from 2003 – 2013, Steveston Harbour Authority supports the following annual festivals / events in Steveston:

  • Fishermen Helping Kids With Cancer Herring Sale (in-kind use of SHA seine net repair lane to host event; provision of ice totes for festival use from SHA ice plant)
  • Canada Day Parade & Celebrations (in-kind use of Chatham St. lot and 7th Ave gravel lot for mustering purposes; in-kind use of Fishermen’s Memorial Park for various activities; provision of SHA Response Vessel (SHARC) and crew for fire safety during July 1 fireworks display)
  • Ships to Shore Festival (official dock sponsor & speaker (previous SHA GM Bob Baziuk); provision and delivery of ice totes for festival volunteers and staff from SHA ice plant)
  • Richmond Maritime Festival (provision and delivery of ice totes for festival volunteers and staff from SHA ice plant)

In concert with the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and Richmond Arts Coalition, Steveston Harbour Authority offered the east side of its public washrooms building on 3rd Avenue in Steveston as a canvas for artist Victoria Oginski to install a stunning public mural about the commercial fishing industry. The first panels were installed in December, 2015 and funding has just been granted to install additional panels which will be added to the exterior of the building, further beautifying the area and helping to tell the rich story of Steveston’s commercial fishing past and present.

In addition, Steveston Harbour Authority has developed close working relationships with the City of Richmond, Richmond Fire-Rescue, Richmond RCMP and Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, helping to build a safer waterfront for harbour users and the public alike.