Steveston Community Mural Complete

18 Months after the initial concept of creating a mural on Steveston Harbour Authority’s public washroom building on 3rd Ave & Bayview, the project is finally complete, and it was definitely worth the wait!

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Steveston Historical Society, Richmond Arts Coalition and Steveston Harbour Authority collaborated to have mural artist Victoria Oginski, who created the first portion of the mural in 2015, to complete the installation, adding 7 new panel murals that wrap around the entire exterior of the building. The murals visually tell the story of Steveston’s fishing past and present in a vibrant display that encourages people to explore the artwork and get engaged with Steveston’s rich history.

This celebration of fishing, the industry that built Steveston and continues to drive it today, is a fitting reminder of the importance of this area to so many different people and cultures.


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