BC Young Fishers Gathering


Do you value growth and viability in the commercial fishing sector? The T Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation is planning a workshop for young fishers and new entrants to BC’s fishing industry to help foster leadership and skills in the next generation of fishers. The British Columbia Young Fishermen’s Gathering will take place in Victoria from January 24-25th, 2016. This workshop will provide a supportive environment to foster learning, networking and growth in the next generation in BC’s fishing fleets. 

The two day workshop will cover the business of fishing (bookkeeping, financing, taxes, lenders, insurance, etc), the science and management of BC’s fisheries, fishing policy and politics, the history of fishing in BC, marine safety, value chain and alternative marketing strategies. The BC Young Fishermen’s Gathering will be a great way to connect young fishers with a wide variety of individuals working across the industry.

The fishing industry is a core part of British Columbia’s culture, and we want to see it continue and thrive into the future. If you’d like to be a part of the event, whether as a participant, speaker, supporter, or mentor, please contact Allison Stocks at allison@bucksuzuki.org or 604-695-2045, or visit the website at http://bcyfg2016.wixsite.com/bcyfg.

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